Top Features of International Schools in Bangkok

Education is a vital aspect of your kid's life. For parents, choosing a school it is one of the biggest decisions to make. However, more parents are now favoring international schools in Bangkok over regular learning institutions.

According to Safe Schools WA, the primary reason why more kids are enrolling in international schools is they make transition seamless when you move to a new country.  Besides this, here are the other features that motivate parents to take their children. 

Extra-curricular Activities

One of the top reasons for taking kids to international schools is that they offer several extra-curricular activities. These vary in different institutions, but can include a range of activities like swimming, art, drama, and other sports.

Extra-curricular activities are useful in keeping your kids refreshed by breaking the monotony of classwork. They also improve social skills and teamwork.

Extra Languages

Parents are aware of the importance of learning several languages, which is why they prefer international schools to regular ones. Although most schools teach using English, they offer lessons in French, German, Mandarin, etc.

When your kid knows several languages they have an edge over others during job application, especially if it is a multinational company. Knowing several dialects also helps them appreciate other cultures and expand their worldview. 

Small Class Size

The quality of education is better in international schools because of the smaller class sizes. With fewer students to deal with, the teacher can deliver lessons more effectively and attend to the unique needs of each student.

Excellent Facilities

Most international schools in Bangkok have world-class facilities such as labs and libraries. This makes it easier for scholars to understand practical subjects like sciences. The libraries, on the other hand,  help them expand knowledge by doing research.


These are only but a few of the top features of international schools in Bangkok. Other notable benefits of these institutions include teaching character development and embracing diverse cultures. All these are crucial in shaping your kid's future, preparing them for life after school, and giving them the upper hand during job application.

If you are undecided over where to educate your kid, you might want to consider International schools in Bangkok.