The Early Beginnings of the Gay Rights Movement

The gay rights movement was created in order to obtain equal rights of those that belong to the gay community. Essentially, the gay rights movement was initiated in order to bring equality to those that felt that they had no other means to obtain it. They figured that the only way that they would be able to obtain their gay rights is to make sure that their voices were heard. For the originators of the gay rights movement, they learned that the only way that they were going to even be granted a chance to have the same liberties and freedoms of the heterosexuals of society is to present the problem. Let the public know that they are not getting the gay rights that they deserve. They intended to open up the door to the gay community to those that were willing to support them in fighting for what they believed in. After they were able to raise the awareness level about the gay rights issue, they decided that they may let their voices be heard, more abundantly, to the government officials that had the authority to evoke change.