Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an International School Bangkok

While western countries were traditionally viewed as educational powerhouses, the trend has been shifting in recent years, more people are now heading to Southeast Asia, with Bangkok being one of the favoured destinations.

Here are some of the reasons why the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington recommends international schools in Thailand.

International Curriculum

Firstly, all international schools in Bangkok offer an international curriculum. The implication of this trend is that foreign students have an easy time when moving into the country since they do not have to adapt to a new system. Also, this ensures that the institutions offer the same quality of education that you would get in the UK, Europe, and the USA.


As compared to other countries, tuition fees are much lower in Thailand. This makes it a more economical option, especially given that they offer the same quality of education.

Low Cost of Living

Similar to the tuition fees, it is substantially cheaper to live in Thailand than it is to stay in western nations. With as little as $1, students can get a taste of Thai cuisine from the street markets. The cost of renting houses is also more pocket-friendly than I other countries.


Most international schools have an accreditation from recognized international bodies. The Safe Schools group sees this an indicator that they offer the right standard of education and provide an environment that improves learning.

Excellent Facilities

Despite being not traditionally renowned as a top educational city, schools in Bangkok have invested heavily in facilities to improve the quality of learning. Your child will get access to a vast collection of books and lab equipment to make sure that they understand classwork better. They also get the chance to learn in multiple dialects, including the local Thai culture.

Friendly Regulations

Lastly, more people are moving to Bangkok because it is easier to get a visa to Thailand than it is to another country, say the United States. The ease of entry means more educational tourists because of the increased convenience. Also, the locals are known for being friendly and welcoming.

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