How To Choose The Best International School In Thailand For Your Children

Relocating your family to Thailand can be an exciting experience. However, it might be challenging especially for your children who must adapt to the new environment. Top of your concerns would be to find them an excellent international school that offers a smooth transition.

The following strategies will guide you in choosing the best school
Application Procedure
Make an inquiry on the process of application as many schools might not admit midway through the term. Some might have a long waiting list. Find out about the application deadlines and look out for any additional information such as, the performance and if there are entry interviews.

Fees Requirements
Look for a school that will fit your budget. Find out the cost breakdown. School fees will vary across different schools in Thailand

Curriculum and Extra Curriculum Activities
The most common international schools are those that use the English language. However, there are a few that offer French and Germany. If your children do not speak English, consider schools that have English lessons or local language lessons. The curriculum must be flexible to include extra curriculum activities.

Select schools that offer the Curriculum of your preference. Most small schools have one curriculum. Bigger schools, on the other hand, teach the British, American or the Baccalaureate mode of education. Ensure that these schools have been accredited to teach the curriculum.

Check the size of the classes and the student population. Small classes are ideal due to teacher-student attention. However, a bigger class size is not necessarily a bad idea, as it allows your child to interact with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. The school should be able to embrace different cultures, thus must be multi-ethnic.

The Distance of School from Your Home
Find out if there is a reliable transport system offered by the school. The school opening and closing time is also crucial if you can plan to drop and pick your child, depending on your work schedule. 

Once you know the above information, it won’t be difficult to find the ideal school for your children. Compile a list, then narrow it down depending on the best school that fits your search criterion.
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