How to Apply for Admission to International Schools in Thailand

The first step to gaining admission to international schools in Thailand is sending an application.  If you wish to join these institutions, here is the standard application process. 

Fill the Inquiry Form
The majority of international schools in Bangkok require prospective students to fill an inquiry form to express their interest.  The information in these forms is also used in bettering the services offered in these schools. 

These forms are readily available on the websites of the various international schools. 

Visiting the School
Once you submit the inquiry form, you are usually prompted to book a tour to the school. The primary objective of this to familiarise the student and their family with the new learning environment. 

All application undergo a review by the school’s admissions board. The school will then notify the applicant on the outcome through email. 

If the application is successful, the student will be told when they are supposed to attend an interview. If the application failed, the student has to wait until the following year. This is because the schools only allow one application per year.

During the interview, the interviewers will seek to ascertain the level of education of your child.   They will also look at other qualities such as mastery of English and previous experience at similar institutions. 

Lastly, they will evaluate the ability to pay fees. If the is gifted but unable to raise fees, they are likely to get a partial scholarship.

The final stage of getting admission to an international school is registration, subject to passing the interview. The students have to pay the stipulated fee and sign the letter of acceptance to get registered.

What Affects Student Admission?

The most significant factor that affects admission is the availability of space. If the school has vacancies, your child is likely to get an opportunity.

Another factor that increases the chances of admission is the performance in the interview. If your child performs well, they are almost assured of a place. If the performance was poor, the chances are diminished.

Finally, your child must be proficient in English. This is because it is the official language in most schools.