What should I expect from an International School in Thailand?

Ever wondered which school would be befitting for your kid in Thailand? As an expat, there is a lot of crucial thinking to be done as per what is suitable for the academic progress of your child.

You want a school that can offer rigorous learning while keeping the values of your home country instilled and intact in your child. These wishes may not come through if you enroll your kid in the wrong school.

The wrong school may not be one that necessary have no learning facilities because Thailand schools are of world-class standards.

But what if your child is already accustomed to the American curriculum? Or the British curriculum? Changing it abruptly will have some huge effects on the child’s academic life and that is why international school Thailand is onto the rescue. 

International school Thailand offers international or foreign curriculum so that your kids can continue learning with the curriculum they have already been used to.

International schools in Thailand have several foreign teachers that teach the different languages that they offer. For example, French is taught by teachers from France, even in cases where the school offers the Thai language, the teachers are often indigenous. Some international schools in Thailand offer international baccalaureate.

International school Thailand can also catch the fancy of the affluent Thais so you may see a few Thai kids in the school, however, a large percentage of the students are often from different cultural backgrounds.

If you are a Christian, your worries are reduced because international schools in Thailand often instill Christian values into kids because they were founded by missionaries. The religious education your child receives from his/her school is worth considering, no matter the faith you belong to.

International schools Thailand is often under serious scrutiny by international bodies that govern their activities. These bodies ensure that your child is being well taken care of and safe.

It is true that international schools in Thailand are expensive. School fees may be charged at per-term or an annual basis.

While you might be willing to allow your child to continue his education at your home country at a point in his/her life, it is important to enroll them in a school that will match the curriculum structure.

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