Are There Qualified Teachers at International School of Bangkok?

Before you enroll your child in any school, you would want to make sure the school has teachers who are up for the job – and qualified too.

Many students have been led astray by being kept under the watch of unqualified teachers. They probably do not learn enough or don’t have the attention they need.

It gets totally insurmountable when you leave your country for another country. Is this your case and have you been relocated to Bangkok with your family? There is good news.

However, everyone could use this good news. International School of Bangkok is there for you and your kids. International School of Bangkok will see to it that your worries for the educational welfare of your child are laid to rest.

International School of Bangkok has specially trained teachers who are either locals or brought from abroad. For subjects involving languages like French, Spanish, or English, the teachers are often people who have lived in these places or are indigenes of the countries.

International School of Bangkok has high standard learning facilities that are checked regularly to ensure that they are in accordance with the world standard.

The strict international bodies that govern the activities and curriculum of the school ensure that there are no loose ends. These bodies govern the activities of international schools worldwide and they include but are not limited to the CIS (Council of International Schools), NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), and CfBT (Center for British Teachers).

Once an international school is affiliated with these bodies, it is a good indicator that the school is a quality school and hence must have well-trained teachers.

However, what you have to know about teachers in the international school of Bangkok is that, as you travel don the tiers of international schools, the percentage of highly qualified teachers grows lesser and lesser. In other words, the international school of Bangkok in the top-tiers would have the most qualified and experienced teachers – both local and western.

One step lower and you have western teachers teaching just core subjects and local teachers sharing the rest. At tier 3, you will have a smaller percentage of western teachers who are mostly unqualified.